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The Service Sublimation Transfer Paper Manufacturer Provide For Sublimation Printing Process

Sublimation Transfer Paper Manufacturer offers a wide variety of products and services.They can provide dye sublimation ink,sublimation transfer paper for you to sublimate dye sublimation displays/flags,sublimation socks,jersey,clothing,photo frame,glass,etc.

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With these sublimation meterial,we can take our on sublimation paper and turn then into reality.With dye sublimation ink and sublimation paper,you not only get a reliable large format dye sub printing services but you get the professionalism from a company you can trust.Get in touch with us today and see how Full Color Paper INC can help your business or organization.

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With the advanced dye sublimation printing technology,we find it is possible to produce large format digital dye sublimatin printing. In the past only small pieces of fabric were able to get sublimated. Now we can create stunning works of art on Tents & Canopies. Sublimation Printing Orange County is the leader in large format dye sublimation printing. We have expanded our line of products to include Custom Tents, Custom sublimation flags, custom wind flags, custom sublimation banners, custom sublimation tradeshow displays, custom sublimation tear drop displays Custom Sublimation Side Panels, Custom Sublimation large tradeshow booths, custom sublimation tradeshow signage.

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Without the dye sublimation ink and sublimation paper,you cannot sublimate anything by sublimation printing process.Sublimation is a process of dyeing your substrate with heat and speciality inks. In order to achieve the best results you must use appropriate mediums for your job. For fabric we recommend anything that has more polyester than cotton or nylon. For woods and metals make sure the item you are trying to sublimate has some type of polyester coating to it.