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What Is Sublimation Transfer Printing?

The transfer to or Sublimation Transfer sublimatic is a paper image transfer process (offset / digital) "page by page" and or "roll" to fabrics and synthetic base materials.The process is divided into two stages: the printing of the transfer paper (heat press with a hot cylinder - 200-210 ° C) art stored on the computer, and the conclusion, with the printed image on materials such as textile fibers.

sublimation transfer paper

The ink for sublimation transfer paper that is in its solid state comes in contact with the tissue or the image surface and, by heat and pressure, evaporates penetrating the surface of the fibers or materials. The interaction of the solid with the gas (sublimation) results in so-called dyeing located.The transfer process occurs when the ink contained in the paper is under pressure and high temperatures for a few seconds. The result is significant, either in parts textiles with high polyester base composition, such as fabric or mesh.

sublimation printing

For the process be conducted successfully, a type of ink with special formulation is necessary, called sublimation ink, and high-tech equipment, special to meet the various clothing / customers Dharma Graphic, producing sports fashions and beach, among others, always seeking exclusivity in the market sector.Our work gives priority to production and images with vibrant and intense colors, contours with high sharpness and smooth gradations. We add the technology used in the inks that offers strength, eja for washing, exposure to light and longevity of parts.