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Whole Sublimation Paper For Sublimation T Shirt All Over Printing

FULL COLOR INC is based in sublimation transfer paper and has over 10 years of sublimation paper export experience.  We are mainly dealing with 70/80g,100/120g Fast Dry Sublimation Paper,100g Medium/High Sticky Sublimation Paper, Light/Dark T-shirt Transfer Paper, Dye Sublimation Ink,heat press machine,etc.

sublimation transfer paper
Donot worry the process of dye sublimation t shirt printing with sublimation paper.That is not complicated, but it does require specialized equipment, knowledge and experience to produce the desired results.  All custom dye sublimation is not equal, and given the same artwork, 10 dye sublimation companies can produce 10 different results.

sublimation bag printing
Sublimation printing t shirt by sublimation paper and ink has the characteristic of Vivid colors, high resolution definition and deep saturation.Without the proper ink formulations and equipment, results can be disappointing.If you are contemplating a Sublimation Printing T Shirts project, our recommendation is to not shop strictly on price.  Of course price point is important, but not at the sacrifice of quality and longevity of your project.  It’s likely that you are working on a project for your customer and the results will be reflective of your abilities.  For a couple extra dollars, working with an experienced company can make all the difference in repeat orders and not a happy customer, but a thrilled customer.