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The Factor Influence On The Quality Of The Digital Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper(3)

5,Print corrugate polishing the nozzle

Type inkjet transfer paper for paper wrinkle as small as possible, if you print the paper wrinkling serious may well arched polishing to the nozzle, especially paper made degree.in large when polishing the nozzle are more likely to hurt the delicate nozzle (some companies to cut costs made of coarse inorganic powder is added in the coating formula and makes the transfer paper surface like sandpaper).Mainly from the base paper by means of reducing transfer paper wrinkle, coating, printing base paper wrinkle hours wrinkling was low, the second is to improve coating formula in order to achieve the purpose of reduce wrinkle.

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6.paper impurities spots  

These spots can be produced in paper, also may be produced in the process of the coating or production, spots which cause serious damage to the pure color of large area but had a little effects on fancy printing printing. Domestic spot problems generally transfer paper, to eliminate the spots have done a lot of research work, the spots on the production and the elimination method of done many efforts, from the original to the coating formula and production process has strict rules and controls, but at the moment, every square metre is still likely to have one or two spots, along with the new formula of commissioning and equipment reformation is expected to eliminate spot has reached the international advanced level.

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7.The stability of quality

Sublimation paper quality is stable, transfer paper surface quality and the user's ink, print data set, the parameters setting of transfer printing machine is tied, the surface quality of the transfer paper fluctuations or change will force the end user to follow the adjustment, such as the original color calibration need to redo, had already provided to the customer's printed sample cannot reproduce only redo, etc., so the terminal customers really need quality is stable, sublimation transfer printing paper production enterprises must attach great importance to this, because only stable quality consistent could win the belong to you a group of loyal customers.