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The Factor Influence On The Quality Of The Digital Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper(1)

Transfer paper is a kind of coated paper, coated layer and the bottom paper all better heat sublimation transfer paper in the case of the dry air and high temperature or moisture expansion rate of the inconsistencies can form printing surface buckling, the following operation inconvenience when transfer paper warp, more seriously affect the quality of the whole operation.

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Common problem:

1). The printer into the paper.

2). Large print into a heap, due to buckling and make the inconvenience.

3). Heat transfer due to the transfer paper before buckling causes the transfer failed with fabric alignment.

4). Thermal transfer under the hot plate and transfer paper warping roll up will make the transfer dislocation caused by the transfer failed.

5). Ink absorption performance degradation

6). The ink performance degradation

7). Transfer printing effect distortion or deinking performance is poor.

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The factor for the effects on sublimation printing:

1.Transfer rate  

Transfer rate is a basic performance of transfer paper, different from ordinary inkjet paper, the characteristics of a good transfer rate can make transferred color more gorgeous and save the ink. At present China hasn't transfer rate testing standard, the domestic transfer printing paper production enterprises generally also does not have the enterprise standard, enterprise standard is to specify the ink color fast under the condition of standard transfer before and after the transfer of the ratio of the transfer paper whiteness.