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Factory Price Fast Dry 100gsm Heat Sublimation Transfer Paper For Textile Printing

Advantages :

Suitable all kinds of Inkjet printers

high speed printing and transferring 

No fade, No cracked,

Eliminate ghosting

Greater sublimation release,transfer rate more than 97%

Vivid color,washable color  

sublimation transfer paper

The use of sublimation transfer paper :

Heat sublimation transfer paper is one of the most commonly used method, using disperse dye sublimation characteristics when it is heated, the molecular weight of 250 ~ 400, particle diameter from 0.2 to 2 microns of disperse dye and water-soluble carrier (such as sodium alginate) or alcohol soluble carrier (such as ethyl cellulose), oil soluble resin ink, in 200 ~ 230 ° C transfer printing machine processing 20 to 30 seconds, make the disperse dye transfer on polyester, nylon, silk textiles.Ink factory production of heat sublimation transfer paper is suitable for the pure cotton light color or white fabrics, such as polyester taffeta, polyester and chemical fiber etc.

sublimation garment

Now our factory production of heat sublimation transfer paper is applied to clothing, shoes and hats, pillows, mouse pads, bunting, glasses cloth, bags, kites, PET non-woven fabrics, scarves, MATS, blankets, towels, swimsuit, maps, purse, banners, ceiling, and so on all walks of life.Hot pressing temperature range of about 180-180 ℃, 220 ℃ for 15 seconds, typically a, 200 ℃ for 20 seconds, 180 ℃ for 25 seconds. Before the formal mass transfer should make small decision optimum technological parameters. When transfer hot surface, heat sublimation transfer paper, substrates must be close to the surface, there can be no gap, can appear otherwise transfer by fuzzy phenomenon.

sublimation  printing

We supply our sublimation paper (QD) to different industries in many foreign countries, such as sublimation paper importer, consumable retailer. We are exporting to USA, UK, New Zealand, Germany, France, Romania, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Spain, Japan, Korea, Colombia, Argentina, Thailand, India, Malaysia etc. We enjoy a good reputation in the world market. In addition, we are continuously exploring the overseas market, and diligently being the outstanding supplier in the field of sublimation paper.