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Sublimation Printing System With Dye Sublimation Ink And Sublimation Transfer Paper

Different configurations consists of Sublimation Printing System,in some degree,it depends on the decorator’s product offerings and production volume.The following discussion we will talk about the main main components in typical sublimation system.

sublimation transfer paper
It is necessary for us to have a computer with graphics software.Professional graphics software should include advanced color management settings and the use of custom color profiles (e.g. ICC profiles) are allowed.RIP software (an advanced print driver which can be calibrated for color and quality specifically based on your individual printer, sublimation ink set, paper and your final product)is needed by wide format systems.

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A variety of print widths and ink configurations onsists of printer models.Johnson Plastics offers sublimation systems for all needs. Solutions in our Desktop line (8.5" to 17" print widths) include a variety of Epson and Ricoh printers with either bulk ink systems (external bags or internal cartridges).No matter Sublimation Printing System or  printer models,both they are typically for businesses concentrating on decorating "ready-to-sublimate" items (e.g. no manufacturing involved) and offer fast, high quality printing for short run environments.Our Wide Format line features print widths of 24", 42", 44" and largeon printing platforms by Epson, Mutoh and Mimaki. 

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During the sublimation printing process,what is worth mentioning is sublimation paper and sublimation dye inks.Dye sublimation inks is special for sublimation paper with sublimation printing.Sublimation transfer paper is a paper which is created specifically for the sublimation market is necessary to complete the process of transfering the image to the blank product.Sublimation blanks products printing is available to the sublimation decorator today from coated metals, woods and ceramics to performance apparel t-shirts.