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The Comparison Between Sublimation Printing Clothing And Screen Printing Clothing

Why do we think sublimation printing is better than screen printing?How can we definite sublimation printing technique?Sublimation printing is similar with present textile printing,so some people claim that the typical examples of sublimation printing is sublimation textile printing.They are quick, reliable and environment friendly,as a matter of fact,they allowing print companies to cut down on waste and speed up repeatable processes without any loss of quality. What's more,sublimation printing is normally more reliable for fixation than older styles of textile printing due to the science acting on the fibres during the printing process.
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Now,the common application of sublimation printing as we can see is sublimation clothing printing.Sublimation clothing printing process extreme heat and pressure applied by using a heat press. This makes the solid dye turn into vapors, without becoming liquid and hence helps it to infuse with the garment at the molecular level. What is the difference and simialarity of sublimation printing clothing?They can transfer color prints on apparels such as t shirts.As for us,if u want to print a shirt,we sugget you choose sublimation printing,which is better than screen printing,because of its durability characteristics.

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Now,let us concentrate our mention on screen printing technology.Sublimation printing focus on the molecules of the fabric,so it is suitable for light colored polyester or nylon garments. However,screen printing works by separate fabric from the garment,this is the best features of screen printing,which is unique that sublimation printing cannot achieve.So,regardless of sublimation printing and screen printing,they have their own pros and cons,which printing methods you want to choose depends on your demands.