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Italy Quality Dye Sublimation Ink For Sublimation Printing

Italy quality sublimation ink is water based digital sublimation ink,which can be transferred print onto synthetic fabrics, mainly polyester, to manufacture sportswear, advertising materials, accessories, curtains, banners, flags, interior decoration.

Italy quality dye sublimation ink
Main Features of  Dye Sublimation Ink

 • Very intense and bright colors allow to obtain a wide color gamut during the profiling phase

 • Good general fastnesses 

• Quick drying of the ink on the printed paper 

• The inks do not change, in any way, touch and final outlook of the printed substrate 

• Excellent definition of the outlines 

• Top releasing capacity in the transfer phase

 • Risk-free labeling: the ink is safe under the environmental and eco-toxicological profile 

dye sublimation ink application
Sublimation printing is a process that uses a special heat sensitive dye to print graphics and text onto paper.And sublimation ink is uitable for transfer applications, sublimation papers and sublimation heat transfer machine. The paper is then placed on a final printing item and both are placed into a heat press for about 20~45 seconds at 180~230 degrees.

Italy quality dye sublimation ink

When the sublimation is completed, the image on the paper has transferred to the final printing item and has actually become a part of the surface.Dye sublimation ink can be printed on T-shirts, porcelain, clothes, glass and textile, decoration, outdoor advertising, gift field, fabric industry, portrait industry, label and card industry.