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Can wide format uv inkjet printing machine replace the silk screen printer?

Before wide format uv inkjet printing machines appeared, screen printing was used to complete various printing processes. Silk screen printing is a traditional printing process in the printing industry.  However, the screen printing process is more complicated, and the plate-making and printing processes need to be selected according to different printing materials, and the overall operation is quite troublesome. Moreover, the pattern of the screen-printed product has poor firmness, is easily scratched off, and is not waterproof. After printing, it takes a period of time to air dry to completely dry. So can uv printer replace silk screen? Today, I will bring you an introduction to the advantages of UV printer printing.

wide format uv inkjet printing machine

In recent years, with the advent of UV digital printers, the work of printing factories has become easier. UV printers do not need as complicated typesetting design as silk screen printing, only simple picture processing, and directly use software to operate after calculating relevant values. And it is not limited by the material, as long as the size of the printing format and the unevenness are within the range allowed by the UV printer, it can be printed, which is environmentally friendly and convenient, and it can be printed and dried.

The uv printer uses a new type of uv environmentally friendly ink, which is environmentally friendly and has very low harm to the operator and the environment. So uv printer can completely replace silk screen. UV printer can print mobile phone shell, mobile power shell, toy plastic shell, glass, ceramic tile background wall, crystal porcelain painting, wood and other materials. Now UV printers lower the investment threshold, allowing you to easily obtain "high-quality, affordable, and affordable" low-investment and cost-effective UV printers.

wide format uv inkjet printing machine

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