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UV led printer-why is the color not obvious when printing dark materials?

UV led printers are also called UV printers. This printer has a very wide range of printing, and it can be said that it is not restricted by any material, so many printing factories will choose to use UV printers. Therefore, in so many orders, UV flatbed printers will inevitably encounter the need to print patterns on dark materials. Some customers do not know how to match colors, so the printed colors are different from the colors on the computer. So how does the uv flatbed printer print dark materials? What should I pay attention to when printing dark materials with UV printers?

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1. White ink base

Wide format UV digital printer manufacturers suggest that when printing dark materials, you should first use white ink as a primer, and then print patterns on the white ink. In doing so, you can control the thickness of the white ink and the thickness of the printed color to print out relief effects and 3D effects at will, even if you print on dark materials, it will be very clear.

2. Pay attention to the accuracy of whitening

When the UV inkjet printing machine performs the white ink base, pay attention to the accuracy of the white ink. Never show white ink traces on the printed pattern, because this will make the final result of the entire sample appear unreal, so the white ink on the base is the most It's good to completely coincide with the pattern. In addition, when choosing white ink, you should choose high-quality white ink, such as white ink that has been prepared by the manufacturer or that has been strictly screened. If you use white ink of poor quality, it will cause problems such as dampness, ink drawing, and uneven color of the printed pattern.

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