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UV led digital printer prints an error exceeding the limit, how to solve?

After using for a long time, UV led digital printer printers will have some failures. Some faults may be caused by machine parameters, and some faults may be caused by damaged parts. If it is a machine parameter problem, we only need to adjust the parameters. But if the parts are broken, such as nozzles and other parts, we will find the manufacturer to replace them. Today I bring you a UV printer to report the reasons and solutions for printing errors and overruns. If you have these problems, let’s look down.

In the process of printing patterns on large format UV inkjet printers, sometimes there will be printing errors exceeding the limit. This problem is generally caused by poor contact of the decoder, damage to the decoder, offset of the raster bars, over-limit of the picture array, and wrong printing direction. , Software damage caused by these six reasons. So what are the ways to solve these reasons?

uv led digital printer

1. Poor contact of uv printer decoder

Solution: Check whether the position of the decoder interface of the UV printer is loose. If you find it is loose, you can tighten it by yourself.

2. The decoder of the uv printer is damaged

Solution: If the decoder of the wide format UV printer is found to be damaged, we should immediately contact the manufacturer of the UV printer and send in a new decoder. It should be noted that the decoders of different types of equipment are different.

3. UV printer grating strips are offset

Solution: Re-calibrate the offset position of the grating strip. If the grating strip is damaged, replace it with a new one.

4. The picture array of the uv printer exceeds the limit

Solution: Reduce the size of the UV digital printing machine pattern in the ps software or map software, and do not exceed the range of the array.

5. The printing direction of the uv flatbed printer is wrong

Solution: Modify the wrong printing direction value in the printing control software.

uv led digital printer

6. The printing software of uv flatbed printer is damaged

Solution: Reinstall the print control software. Generally, the damage of the software is caused by an error reported by the anti-virus software, and the software needs to be added to the whitelist. In addition, do not randomly insert the USB disk of unknown origin, some viruses carried in the USB disk can damage the uv flatbed printer control software.