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Why does large format uv printer often hit the nozzle? how to solve?

In the daily use of large format uv printers, if you do not pay attention to some minor problems or do not pay attention to daily maintenance of the machine, the machine will have some large and small problems after a long time. Although these problems can be solved through maintenance, they will definitely affect the production schedule. Today I will bring you a problem that many UV printer users have encountered, that is, UV flatbed printers often hit the print head. What is going on?

large format uv printer

1. There may be foreign objects inside the UV inkjet printer. For newly purchased printers, users are not very familiar with UV flatbed printers. The packaging materials have not been completely removed, and foreign objects inside the machine will also cause the UV flatbed printer to hit the nozzle. Therefore, the newly purchased machine must remove the protective material of the outer packaging according to the requirements of the user manual.

2. The lubricating effect of lubricating oil is weakened. After the uv led printer has been used for a long time, the nozzle guide should often move left and right. It will weaken the lubricating effect of the lubricating oil on the carriage of the printer, resulting in increased friction when the carriage is moving on the guide, and the phenomenon of print head impact will easily occur.

3. Excessive dust on the UV digital printer. If you do not pay attention to indoor cleaning, a lot of dust will fall on the uv flatbed printer over time, causing the friction of the carriage on the guide rail to increase, and the phenomenon of print head impact.

So in order to reduce the occurrence of these situations, how should we maintain the UV printing machine?

1. When using the uv printing machine, place the machine in a normal working environment. It should be ensured that the operating room keeps the ambient humidity above 25 degrees, the temperature is maintained between 10-35 degrees, and the relative humidity is 20-80%. If the equipment is not used for a long time, the ink should be drained and cleaned with a special cleaning fluid to keep the ink head unblocked.

2. Use the three-phase power plug correctly to ensure that the equipment power supply is grounded correctly.

large format uv printer

3. Static electricity will interfere with the normal operation of the equipment, and the ink output from the ink head will be unstable. In severe cases, it can cause the motherboard and ink head to be burned, so prevent electrostatic interference. Before operating the printer, the operator must wash his hands clean and strictly follow the operating procedures in the manual. Once electrostatic interference occurs, stop the operation immediately and check the current working environment.