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Inkjet printer-3 steps to solve its nozzle does not produce ink

It is a common problem that the nozzles of outdoor piezoelectric inkjet printers do not emit ink. After a long period of experience and various debugging, we have summarized the main reasons and solutions for the nozzles not emitting ink. The following 3 steps can solve the problem of the user who is not letting go. I hope that the user can solve the problem by himself according to these methods in an emergency.

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Before, a customer said that his outdoor piezoelectric inkjet printing machine could not produce ink, and suddenly it couldn't print when he was working. He didn't know what to do. Because of the large volume of orders, he said it was urgent. Piezoelectric printer nozzles do not produce ink failure, which is also a common nozzle maintenance problem. During the inspection process, we can help customers check according to the following three steps, and finally help customers solve the problem.

1. Check whether the 42V light of the trolley board and the decryption card light are normal to determine whether it is the photo machine nozzle or the trolley board.

2. Unplug the data cable of the print head of the digital inkjet printer, and then check whether the 42V light on the trolley board is on. If it does not light, it means that there is a problem with the trolley board. At this time, replace the trolley board for testing. If it is on, proceed to the third step.

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3. Check the decryption card and print head or print head data line, re-plug the long data line, and check whether the 42V power supply is normal, so as to check whether it is the cause of the advertising photo machine print head itself or the reason of the decryption card. Solve the problem specifically according to the respective reasons. When the user encounters that the print head of the photo machine does not emit ink, they can check and rule out the above three steps.