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Digital printing machine-when it prints many stripes, how to solve it?

Have you ever experienced streaks in printing when using a digital printing machine? I believe this will happen to machines with multiple people. We have also experienced this situation, but after a multi-faceted investigation by engineers, we have come up with several possible reasons for this situation. When the digital printer malfunctions, we should not panic. Follow the steps below.

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How to solve many streaks when printing on digital printer?

1. The nozzle hole of the digital inkjet printer nozzle is very small and meticulous, and the size of the dust in the air is not much. If the digital printer is working with dust, it is easy to block the nozzles, so it is very important that the digital printing machine has a clean working environment.

2. The nozzle is the most important part of the internal structure of the large format digital printer, and it is very precise. Therefore, we must pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, and we must avoid big collisions and vibrations when using digital printers to print pictures.

3. Be sure to choose high-quality ink cartridges, non-high-quality ink cartridges will cause nozzle clogging, which will affect the quality of the printed image, and severely cause the digital printing machine to not work properly.

4. The ink quality should be high, it is best to use original ink. Good ink is also very helpful to the life of the print head. Compatible ink is also a good choice.

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5. The temperature requirement of wide format textile printer is not suitable for working under high temperature or low temperature. Too high temperature will rust the printer components and nozzles. Large changes in the temperature environment will cause thermal expansion of a large number of engineering plastic components in the digital printer, causing wear of the parts of the digital printer, and may also cause the slender nozzle aperture to become larger, which will affect the quality of the digital printer.