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UV pritning machine-what are its advantages when using ricoh print head

At present, the vast majority of UV pritning machine users use Ricoh nozzles, and a considerable part of the machines use Ricoh G5 nozzles. Ricoh print heads are currently the most durable, high-precision digital print heads with the fastest production speed. So why do you buy Ricoh nozzles when you buy UV flatbed printers? You will know after reading it.

uv printing machine

1. The precision of Ricoh print head reaches 2400 dpi

The ink of the UV inkjet  printer using Ricoh nozzles can be adjusted and printed. The smallest inkjet can reach 7Pi, and the printed products are comparable to SLR cameras. No matter what kind of material is printed, the accuracy of the picture can be highlighted.

2. Fast production speed

The production speed of UV inkjet flatbed printers using Ricoh nozzles is faster than that of machines using other brands of nozzles. Take the standard Oric UV flatbed printer with 3 Ricoh-Gen5 nozzles, the printing speed can reach 24sqm/h in normal production mode. 

3. The operation is more user-friendly

The UV digital printer is equipped with automatic medium thickness measurement and automatic height control system. It adopts closed-loop control mode and can automatically adapt to different thicknesses of medium to avoid secondary damage to the machine due to human error. Equipped with powerful, intelligent and user-friendly RIP software, different images may still be output overlapped, which greatly facilitates the daily work of color proofing and greatly improves efficiency.

4. More stable than Seiko and Epson

UV finkjet printer nozzles using Ricoh nozzles have longer service life and low failure rate. If users pay attention to maintenance and maintenance during daily use, the service life of Ricoh nozzles can reach 3 to 5 years, which greatly reduces the cost of machine maintenance.

5. Environmental protection and pollution-free

Since the UV printer is controlled by a computer, there is no waste water discharged, so it is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the UV printer uses a constant temperature system, which can be used no matter where you are, avoiding the generation of chromatic aberration, and is more suitable for industrial production.

uv printing machine

The above are the advantages and benefits of large format UV digital printers using Ricoh nozzles. Now UV flatbed printers are already standard machines in the digital printing industry. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.