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Why has the price of heat transfer paper increased in recent years?

Manufacturers who often perform heat transfer paper processing should have discovered that the wholesale price of heat transfer paper has risen a lot in recent years. Especially for manufacturers with a large amount of daily consumables, a slight increase in the price of such consumables may actually have a very large impact on our subsequent processing costs. But as long as heat transfer processing is done, such consumables are impossible to lack, and a higher price may lead to an increase in our overall processing cost. So why are the prices of consumables rising in recent years, and what are the reasons?

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1. Processing cost prices have indeed risen

Compared with ordinary types of printing paper, the processing cost of water based sublimation paper has increased a lot, even if it is processed and produced by large manufacturers. The same price is still very high, because the cost has indeed increased a lot in recent years. If we want to purchase a cost-effective product, we can actually directly contact the manufacturer for wholesale purchase. This will at least allow us to get a more cost-effective price, and also ensure that the wholesale quality is more secure.

2. The market demand is huge

As more and more businesses are engaged in the thermal transfer industry, the demand for inkjet sublimation transfer paper on the market has also risen a lot. Many manufacturers buy in bulk at one time, just to ensure that daily use is not affected. The large market demand, coupled with the rising costs of manufacturers, will inevitably increase their wholesale prices, which is also an inevitable result. And in many cases, if we cannot book in advance, some products may be out of stock, so we should make an appointment in advance and contact the manufacturer as much as possible.

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