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UV led inkjet printer-can static electricity damage it? anti-static method for it

Do you know why you have to keep a bottle of alcohol next to the UV led inkjet printer? In addition to wiping off the dust on the surface of the printer, it actually has an important role to remove static electricity on the surface of the UV printer. Yes, UV printers will generate static electricity during operation, and static electricity will cause the machine to print waste ink, which will damage the nozzles. So how can UV printers prevent static electricity?

uv led inkjet printer

We need to know where the static electricity of the wide format UV digital printer is generated? The first is the air environment factor. There are more electric ions in the air. The equipment itself is made of metal, which can easily cause static electricity. The internal design problems of the equipment, involving the circuit part, should be protected and insulated to avoid static electricity on the printing platform and machine head. The trolley head rubs and generates static electricity during the movement.

Anti-static methods for UV printers are as follows:

1. For the machine grounding wire, install the corresponding grounding wire to direct the electricity to the ground.

2. The circuit and voltage of the socket box selected by the equipment are set according to the requirements specified by the manufacturer.

3. Use non-woven cloth to wipe alcohol on the surface of some substrates to eliminate static electricity.

uv led inkjet printer
It is worth noting that if you encounter the off-season, when the order volume of UV printing machine is not large, you should run the machine print test on a regular basis to keep the nozzles in a normal state at all times. Otherwise, when the UV printer is operated normally, various problems may occur in the machine, which will affect the production schedule.

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