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Roland inkjet printer-why is the color printed on it different from monitor?

The color reproduction of Roland inkjet printers is very important in the digital printing industry. If the colors printed by your printer are different from the customer's requirements, then you may lose the order. Today I will bring you the reason why the color printed by Roland photo machine is different from the screen color.

roland inkjet printer

1. Before printing, please check whether the color mode of the output image file is CMYK. If it is RGB mode, change the image mode to CMYK when outputting the image. However, some colors will be lost when the software converts the color mode. The general solution is to adjust the color cast. The method is to reduce the amount of yellow in the Y channel, and adjust it several times each time.

2. Because the display uses the additive method for color rendering, and the Roland digital printer uses the subtractive method for color rendering, it will produce a result that the same picture is displayed and the printed color is different. It is recommended to use a monitor with a color standard (△E)≤1 as much as possible. At this time, the human eye can hardly distinguish the difference between the two colors, and when the color standard (△E)>5, most human eyes can see the color difference. The color standard is of great significance to professional workers.

3. Use the high quality and smooth ink recommended by the Roland printer supplier. Other unknown quality inks will make the color of the image output by the printer not guaranteed, prone to color cast and color difference, and even cause extreme damage to the printer.

roland inkjet printer

4. Check the inkjet printer head for ink breakage and ink cartridge shortage.

5. The color cast of Roland inkjet printing machine is also related to computer color management, printing media and other factors. The current industry solution is to hire professional color managers for color comparison and 
adjustment, but this approach not only takes a lot of time, but also costs a lot of labor.