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Why can't wide format uv flatbed printer print with varnish during production?

In recent years, wide format uv flatbed printers have been widely used in many industries, such as advertising industry, decoration industry, handicraft shop, finished shoe industry and so on. It is precisely because of the wide application range of UV machines that some industries need to use UV flatbed printers to print bright patterns, but because the effects of UV ink printing are all matte. If you want to have a bright effect, you must apply varnish. Generally, UV flatbed machines have optional printing varnish nozzles, so printing varnish can be done directly on the UV printer. But some friends have discovered that the varnish cannot be printed on the UV printer when printing advertising materials. Why?

wide format uv flatbed printer

Generally speaking, there are three situations where the material of UV flatbed printing machine cannot be varnished. If you have this problem, you can investigate these three reasons separately. After solving these three problems, basically the material can be varnished.

1. Surface crystallization of UV varnish: Generally speaking, the inkjet UV flatbed printer printing interval of two-color UV ink is not properly controlled. The first printing ink has been dried before overprinting the next one color ink, and the viscosity of the dried ink layer and the ability to be wetted by the ink are very low. Therefore, it is difficult for the next color ink to adhere to it. Generally, this phenomenon occurs in the ink overprinting of a monochrome offset press.

2. Personnel factor: Due to the manual flow factor of the digital UV flatbed printer factory, many machine operators may not be proficient in UV flatbed printers or operating experience. Therefore, to solve the manual factor, the workers must be strictly trained before they start to work with a certificate.

wide format uv flatbed printer

3. Too much material on the surface of the ink: Too much surface anti-sticking materials such as silicone oil and powder spray stick to the surface of the packaging box. Due to the large printing area occupied, even the best quality UV varnish materials cannot be applied.