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Why does inkjet sublimation paper jam frequently when used on the machine?

When the inkjet sublimation paper prints multiple jobs, the dye sublimation paper jam problem may be a failure phenomenon we often encounter. This kind of problem is manifested in the fact that the printer may still output images normally one second before, and the paper feeding platform suddenly "stabs" one second later, and the front panel directly reports an error. We opened the top cover and saw a mess.

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Quick solution to paper jam of digital printer:

This problem looks very serious, but in fact, we only need to completely clean up the paper scraps on the paper transport platform (you can take a vacuum cleaner), then take out the roll paper, and cut the uneven part with a wallpaper knife. Reinstall the paper shaft and resend the print job, and the machine will reprint the job that was half of the paper jam. Take printing more than 10 copies at a time as an example. The paper jam is considered a normal phenomenon and can be solved directly by the above method. But if you get stuck two or three times, this will cause attention.

Multiple sublimation transfer paper jams in digital printers will damage the print head nozzles, and because the current printed products will be directly scrapped, the two consumables, media and ink, are lost. Once the scrap 
rate increases during the printing process, the cost of consumables will also increase, which will also affect the efficiency of the output and affect the whole body.

Reasons for frequent paper jams in digital printers:

After understanding the hazards of frequent paper jams, we must find ways to avoid this situation. After all, a print head is expensive, and no one wants to see it and strike for this reason. Once the situation really appears on our 
own machine, we first consider the media issue. According to our experience, the frequent paper jams in general printers mainly occur when a roll of paper is almost used up.

For the roll paper we just bought, regardless of the media type, the curl of the inner layer of the paper is generally higher than that of the outer layer. The inner layer of paper has a greater chance of entering the paper feeding  platform. The wheel curled before it was pressed, and was torn by the pen holder moving back and forth.

If you install a brand new roll of paper on the machine, and the machine still has frequent paper jams, then check again whether the paper type you have installed in the printer matches the paper type set on the front panel. For 
example, when the adhesive is installed, the drawing paper option above or below the column of adhesive is accidentally selected during setting.

When each machine is initialized, the amount of ink jet configured for different media is also different. If the paper type does not match, the printer may control the nozzle to spray more ink at a certain position on the medium during printing, which will cause strange wrinkles at that position and cause paper jams. In short, if you want to avoid paper jams caused by media problems, you must prevent excessive paper curl.

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Recommendations to prevent frequent paper jams:

1. Try not to choose too thin roll paper (for example, below 70g). The thinner the paper, the higher the inner layer curl, and the greater the frequency and probability of paper jams.

2. When storing the media, keep the roll paper dry, especially in hot and humid areas, too much moisture will cause the paper curl to increase.

3. When setting the dye sublimation paper roll type, it must match the actual paper type. If you are not sure which type to set, you should find the relevant professional to ask clearly before setting.