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Wide format uv inkjet printing machine -the reasons for its poor performance

What are the reasons for the poor performance of wide format UV inkjet printing machines? This is a common problem for all users, here are some introductions about this problem

wide format uv inkjet printing machine

1. Resolution for monochrome laser UV inkjet printers, resolution may be critical to output quality, but for multi-color printers, color level and resolution are both important.

2. Color level The output image is composed of many drops (or pixels), and each dot presents a different color and brightness mixed into the image.

3. Ink has two types of inks, dyes and pigments. Compared with pigment ink, dye ink has better saturation, but has poor water resistance. The ink used in the inkjet printer must have sufficient surface tension to prevent the ink from splashing during ejection. In addition, the ink must dry quickly to avoid fainting on the media.

4. Print head. Ink droplets are ejected by nozzles, which are usually made on the print head. The technology of the print head itself is very important, and the accuracy of the related drive gear and transmission belt is also very high.

5. All printed products of the media closely follow their media. It's like going to a photo studio to take a photo. We can get different effects on different types of photo paper. For inkjet printers, as the medium changes, the ink adhesion is also different, and of course the output is also different.

wide format uv inkjet printing machine

In order to make the products meet the industrial production, the core technology and products have been innovated and improved. This is why UV printers are popular in the market.

1. Breakthroughs in core technologies such as hardware process and data transmission. The image processing system developed by uv printer can achieve 300MB/s data transmission. This makes long-term grayscale printing possible.

2. All series UV digital printers are equipped with Kyocera print heads. As the world's top print head, Kyocera's industrial print head has printing capabilities that surpass other brands. The applications provided by the uv printer also make its speed and quality a huge threat to other companies.