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Tips for saving water based sublimation transfer ink for sublimation printing machine

When we are using water based sublimation transfer ink, it may be consumed very quickly. Some inks are still very expensive, such as Epson ink and Mimaki ink, so it is necessary to save when saving. The frugality in the digital printing industry starts with printing consumables. When we use digital printers every day, the saving of ink can help us greatly reduce the cost of printing. Let's take a look at the tips for saving ink.

water based sublimation transfer ink

1. Do not change the ink frequently

As we all know, there are many inkjet sublimation ink brands on the market nowadays. The composition and ratio of the ink produced by different manufacturers are different. It needs to be cleaned each time the ink is replaced. This will not only waste ink, but if it is replaced with inferior ink, it will not be worth the loss. Therefore, try not to replace the ink frequently.

2. Centralized printing of orders

Each time the advertising photo machine is started, the print head must be cleaned and the printer initialized, and the ink delivery system must be filled with ink. This process is more ink-consuming, so do not start the photo machine frequently. It is best to print a single small number of non-urgent orders together to save ink and improve work efficiency.

3. Appropriate printing mode

Different printing modes of the photo machine consume different digital sublimation inks, and the ink consumed for printing is directly proportional to the print quality and resolution. Therefore, in the daily work of the photo machine, you cannot simply pursue high precision and high resolution, but choose a suitable printing mode according to the actual situation. For some unimportant materials, you can use the ink-saving mode to print.

water based sublimation transfer ink

4. Clean the nozzle correctly

Many photo printers now provide automatic nozzle cleaning function, and can be operated directly through the cleaning function button on the control panel, which is simple and quick. The automatic nozzle cleaning function can well protect the nozzles and ensure the print quality, but it needs to be used rationally and do not rely too much on the automatic cleaning function. When the nozzle is seriously clogged and automatic cleaning is invalid, manual cleaning is recommended to avoid unnecessary waste of large amounts of ink.