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UV digital printer-what do we need to prepare before using it?

The UV digital printer manufacturers mentioned that some customers have a lot of problems within a few days after buying the machine. In many cases, they may be caused by improper operation. Reasonable use of uv printers can not only extend the service life of the machine, but also reduce damage to the machine. So what should we pay attention to before using the uv printer?

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Environment: As a fine equipment, large format uv printer requires a certain operating environment, plus equipment for manufacturing different commodities. Generally speaking, the best working environment for uv 
printers is 18-30 degrees Celsius and the humidity is between 30%-70%. This can ensure that there will be no static electricity during the operation of the machine and the printing effect is not good. In addition to temperature and humidity, the best uv printer is to have a dust-free environment to avoid dust falling on the printed materials.

Auxiliary equipment: In addition to environmental requirements, usually only products such as background walls, sliding doors, decorative paintings, etc. also require preparation of air compressors, spray guns, ovens, sandblasting machines, edge grinding machines and even light curing machines. Of course, these equipments are not necessarily required, which should be selected according to the needs of the manufactured goods. The more ancillary equipment, the richer the functions of the products produced. This requires detailed specifications and a computer must be prepared to operate the machine.

Location: Use the space required by the uv printer. The detailed space requirements are determined according to the output value. Usually, for a customer who has just started a business, it only needs about 30 square 
meters, the space occupied by the machine needs about 10-15 square meters, and the rest can be placed in the local area.

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