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UV flatbed inkjet printer-when cleaning its print head,pay attention to these

UV flatbed inkjet printers are digital printing equipment, high-precision printing equipment, so it takes a certain amount of time and patience to clean the print nozzles.The general printing company will have someone responsible for the cleaning of the nozzles, if not, you can ask a professional to clean it.

uv flatbed inkjet printer

When the built-in cleaning result of the UV flatbed printing machine driver is used to clean the print head, its most important benefit is convenient and fast operation, and the result of cleaning and clogging the nozzle is satisfying.

When cleaning the nozzles of UV printers, just use software-controlled nozzle cleaning measures to perform cleaning operations, instead of manual cleaning. Especially when changing a new ink cartridge or injecting new 
ink, it is necessary to clean the nozzle at the time of recording to stop the mixing of several different types of ink and cause the ink to freeze.

In addition, if it is discovered during the printing process that there are signs of lightening of ink and striped patterns on the printed page, the nozzles should also be flushed in real time. If the washing fails with measures, then the sign of nozzle clogging is severe. This kind of environment is usually caused by the fact that the UV printer has not been used for a long time or the power is cut off during the operation process, and the printing nozzles are not reset in real time. At this hour, we can use an ordinary injection device to face the nozzle of the printer, and then continuously push and pull the piston of the injection device to clean the clogged nozzle with the help of high-speed air flow.

uv flatbed inkjet printer

In addition, in order to effectively cover the print head of the universal large format UV printer, we also need to pay attention to the power plug operation of the printer. If the power supply is not properly plugged in, the nozzle of the 
universal printer can be destroyed. And when unplugging the power cable, the power switch of the universal printer must be blocked first to ensure that the printer nozzle is reset in real time. And to ensure that the ink tank is closed in real time, and then the power cable and data cable are unplugged, so as to stop the unnecessary use of ink and not easily damage the print head of the universal printer.