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UV flatbed printing machine-what else does it need to work together?

UV flatbed printing machines are widely used. Do you know what uv flatbed printers need to be "assisted"? Please see the introduction below.

uv flatbed printing machine

1: LED board, the role of the LED board of UV inkjet flatbed printer cannot be ignored. Every time our printer finishes taking a break and starts working, we have to maintain the printer again, and after the maintenance is completed, we cannot start printing directly. Because it is not known whether the printer that has not been working for so long can still maintain the freshness and moisture of the ink in the nozzle, we will start a test after the maintenance is completed, and the LED board will be used at this time. By displaying the test results on the LED board, we can clearly know whether the printer's current state is suitable for printing. If it is not suitable for us, we need to maintain it again until the perfect printing effect is tested.

2. Computer: All operations of the uv flatbed printer are carried out on the computer, and we do not need to manually control the printer, and the computer is very useful, it is our hand to control the printer. Whether it is processing pictures or pulling pictures into printing software for printing, these are all functions of computers, so computers are indispensable, and printers cannot be operated without a computer.

3.Water, you must not know this. An unremarkable water can also be very helpful to the printer, so what is it? In fact, the function of water is to control the temperature of the printer. If the temperature of the printer is too high, it is likely to "strike", so using a basin of clean water can easily solve this problem.

4: Sticker, don't underestimate such a thin sticker, it can keep our printer layout clean. If we are not sure about the size or position of the printed object, we can first lay a layer of sticker on it and put the pattern on the sticker so that we can find the position accurately. Moreover, it can prevent the printer from dragging the ink to the outside of the sample material when holding the ink, that is, on the flat plate and soiling the flat plate. It can be seen that it can play an extraordinary role.

uv flatbed printing machine

So after today's article, do you all understand the knowledge of large format uv flatbed printers? The uv flatbed printer does need a lot of accessories to work properly, just like a computer, if there is no keyboard, it is difficult to work efficiently. Hope the above content can help everyone.