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Large format uv inkjet printer-the advantages of it with ricoh printheads

In the large format uv inkjet printer industry, the selection of print heads is very important. The common flatbed printer print heads in the sales market are Ricoh, Toshiba, Kyocera, Epson, Precision, Konica and other widely used brands. Among such universal printer nozzles, Ricoh nozzles gradually occupy a good position in the sales market, so today I will tell you about the advantages of Ricoh G6 nozzle uv printers.

large format uv inkjet printer

Nowadays, Ricoh nozzles of UV digital printing machines have already been upgraded to the sixth generation, but the fifth generation is the most widely used in the sales market. It uses gray-scale working voltage nozzles, ink dot variability, high-precision copying, precise positioning, and error-free copying, which is loved by the sales market. The nozzle of the uv printer is made of steel material, which is not easy to pipe joints and corrosion during the whole application process. The cleaning method of the piston machine can reduce the damage to the nozzle. One head and two colors improve the utilization rate and reduce the product cost. The full-closed-loop control design is selected for the automatic measurement and height automatic control system, which can automatically detect the thickness of raw materials, thus increasing the loss of raw materials, and can copy pattern designs on a variety of raw materials.

Another advantage of Ricoh print heads is their stable characteristics. Compared with other well-known brands of uv inkjet printers, the print heads have certain advantages in use. If they are used properly and maintained properly, their lifespan is generally longer, and ordinary maintenance is also very simple. We have a detailed maintenance plan, which can be provided to customers to solve the problem of uv printing machine nozzle maintenance. Ricoh nozzles are easy to operate, so it is logical to save black ink. This also saves a lot of cost of consumables for customers who use a lot, reduces printing costs, and naturally increases profits.

As the latest high-precision and high-speed, Ricoh G6 printhead with 50khz ignition technology has become a hot topic this year. It also solves the previous customer solution that cannot print materials with a high-speed printing accuracy of more than 500dip. Adhesive technology can improve the durability of the nozzle. At the same time, it is more effective to reduce the noise generated during the high-speed operation of the machine, reduce energy consumption, and enhance the service life of the machine. In addition, the G6 nozzle can greatly improve the accuracy and output of ink. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the amount of ink used and thereby reduce the cost of ink, which is simple for customers who need mass production and printing.

large format uv inkjet printer

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