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UV inkjet printing machine-how to maintain it when it printing cosmetics?

Everyone may know the maintenance and protection of general UV inkjet printing machines, so what is the difference between the maintenance and maintenance of cosmetic uv printers and the maintenance of ordinary flatbed printers? In fact, they are similar.

uv inkjet printing machine

1. Make sure that the surrounding environment of the cosmetic wide format uv printer is clean, because if there is dust everywhere, it is easy for the nozzle to enter the dust and cause the ink to fail normally. After all, the cosmetic printer nozzle is very important, involving CMYKW Color output.

2. When replacing the ink cartridge of the cosmetic uv digital printer, use the method in the machine operation guide, and pay special attention to it when the power is turned on. Because after replacing the ink cartridge of the cosmetic uv printer, the cosmetic printer will start filling the ink delivery system. This process cannot be performed when the cosmetic printer is turned off, and the cosmetic uv printer cannot detect the newly replaced ink cartridge. In addition, some cosmetic UV digital printers measure the ink volume by using an electronic counter inside the cosmetic digital printer. When a certain value is reached, the cosmetic printer judges that the ink is exhausted. During the ink cartridge replacement process, the cosmetic flatbed printer will reset its internal electronic counter to confirm that a new ink cartridge is installed.

3. Before shutting down, let the print head return to the initial position (when the printer is paused, the print head will automatically return to the initial position). The purpose of this is to prevent the printer from re-cleaning the nozzle and waste ink when the printer is turned on next time, and the other is because the nozzle can be sealed by the protective cover in the initial position, so that the nozzle is not easily blocked.

4. Make sure that the cosmetic UV digital printer has a stable working platform, and do not place any objects on the top of the cosmetic UV flatbed printer. The front cover of the printer must be closed when printing to prevent dust from entering the printer or other hard objects hindering the movement of the printer carriage. It is forbidden to plug and unplug the printer cable with power on. This will damage the printer's print port and the PC's parallel port, or even damage the PC's motherboard. If the print output is not clear, the automatic cleaning function of the printer can be used to clean the print head, but a small amount of ink will be consumed. If the printing is still not satisfactory after several consecutive cleanings, the ink may have run out and the ink cartridge needs to be replaced.

5. Cosmetic uv printer ink cartridges need frequent calibration: users who have experience with ordinary uv printers know that the flatbed printer must be calibrated after the uv printer is reinstalled or replaced with a new ink cartridge to improve printing accuracy and printing quality.

6. When the ink cartridge of the cosmetic printer is not used up, it is best not to remove it, so as to avoid the waste of ink or the incorrect measurement of ink by the printer.

7. The ink cartridges of cosmetic UV digital printers should be kept at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight when not in use for a long time. Because the ink evaporates quickly in this environment, it is easy to cause nozzle blockage. In addition, in a low temperature and humid environment, the print head circuit and ink are prone to problems.

uv inkjet printing machine

In fact, the knowledge of cosmetic UV flatbed printer maintenance and maintenance is basically inferior to that of ordinary flatbed printers. After all, the nozzles and inks used by the main color printing equipment are similar to those of the motherboard. It's just that the printing width, printing height, etc. may be different, or in some parts. But it is always a uv digital printer, whether it is a cosmetic uv digital printer or a cylindrical printer, daily maintenance and maintenance work still needs to be done, otherwise the machine will easily cause problems under the conditions of use without maintenance.