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UV flatbed digital printers-3 reasons that affect the life of it

In fact, these three points really affect the later life of UV flatbed digital printers: use environment, man-made, and ink consumables. Put aside the hardware, software and other technologies that manufacturers have invested in equipment. These are inherent reasons and are related to the price of the equipment purchased by the user.

uv flatbed digital printer

Environment: This is very important for UV flatbed inkjet printers, which can basically account for 50%. Just like in Tibet, no matter how hard you work, you can’t miss 100℃ water. Many small daily problems are actually not caused by the operator, but by the environment. The ideal ambient temperature is 22°C-35°C, and the humidity is 30%-60%. It's not a kind of ventilation, and it is suitable to be placed in a cool corner of a type warehouse.

People: This accounts for 40%. Sometimes being careful is more important than being experienced. When the equipment is used steadily, the daily detail processing is the key. It is often what you are good at, so in daily, the maintenance of the uv flatbed printer is more important.

Consumables: This is the blood of uv flatbed printers. It is worth noting that you should not buy consumables that are not specified by the manufacturer for a small price. Once there is a problem, the manufacturer will not guarantee it, but the equipment system will be scrapped.

uv flatbed digital printer

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