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Why does large format uv inkjet printer often break ink when printing?

In the daily operation of large format UV inkjet printers, the equipment is very particular about the surrounding conditions of the environment. For example, a ventilated, dry, dust-free workshop is the key, and there must be an independent position and interval to protect it. The following 3 points are common reasons for ink failure. You may wish to refer to the following whether your UV printer has done it:

large format uv inkjet printer

1. The location of UV digital pritner is too much gray layer range, not enough ventilation and dryness, too high sun exposure, temperature affects the fluency of ink. Too much dust in the working environment can easily lead to poor lubrication of the guide shaft of the trolley, blocking the movement of the print head during printing, causing inaccurate printing position or hitting the mechanical frame, causing damage and crashes.

2. If the nozzle or ink cartridge is blocked, check whether the daily start-up cleaning is done, check whether the nozzle of the vent is blocked by abnormal things, and carefully find out whether the ink is about to run out before and after printing. In addition, the ink cartridge should be kept at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight when not in use. Because the ink evaporates quickly in this environment, it is easy to cause nozzle blockage and affect print quality. In addition, in a low temperature and humid environment, the print head circuit and ink are prone to problems.

3. Check whether the ink supply pump is damaged and whether it is necessary to change a high-power ink supply pump that can fully flow from the large ink cartridge to the nozzle.

large format uv inkjet printer

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