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UV printing machine-the solution to the problem when printing plastic box

Customers often ask why UV printing machine plastic boxes and other similar materials have material deformation, ghosting, and slow printing speed. Do you know what caused it? I will answer for you below.

uv printing machine

1. Related material deformation and ghosting phenomenon.

The printing speed of the nozzle and the working speed of the UV lamp are just at the zero point of the material's thermal deformation, so it is easy for the material to deform and cause bidirectional inaccuracy and ghosting. There are several solutions for reference:

(1). The UV inkjet printer adopts the one-way printing mode, the one-way printing speed is half slow, and the printing is completed before the material is heated to a deformed state.

(2). Using the suction platform of the printer, the printer is sucking air to reduce the heating degree of the material, and avoid the bidirectional inaccuracy caused by the deformation of the material.

(3). Adopting high-precision, fast printing speed nozzle, UV lamp heating time is not easy to deform the material and cause bidirectional inaccuracy.

2. The bidirectional printing speed is slow in materials such as printing plastic boxes.

uv printing machine
It depends on what kind of print head the printer uses. For example, the Seiko 1024GS print head has fast printing speed and strong ink droplet ejection force of each nozzle, and the UV lighting time is short, so the Seiko 1024GS print bidirectional work is more perfect.

Therefore, before buying UV digital printing equipment, according to your own usage, choose printers with fast printing speed and positive suction platform as much as possible to avoid the above problems.

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