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What uv digital printer should we use to make the wardrobe door?

UV digital printers have been widely used in furniture in recent years. As one of the most important products in demand, wardrobes also account for a large proportion of purchases. However, the top brands are all major brands. So how can small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have such strong brand power attract customers? The common wardrobe markets are finished wardrobes, integral wardrobes, and woodworking wardrobes. The prices of finished wardrobes are generally cheaper than the other two. However, the finished wardrobe may not be able to perfectly integrate with the decoration style of your home, it will be a little abrupt, and the space utilization rate is not as good as the latter two. The wardrobe made by woodworking is cheap. 
Although the space utilization rate is greatly guaranteed, the quality and appearance cannot be guaranteed. Extensive use of glue is likely to cause a large amount of harmful substances to be discharged. The overall  wardrobe is expensive and designed by a brand designer, with uneven delivery periods and long construction periods.

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As an emerging technology, the emergence of large format UV inkjet printers just compensates for the shortcomings of the above three methods and uses environmentally friendly inks. The woodworker painting process is eliminated, and the board is directly placed on the working platform of the machine, which can be completed in ten minutes. For the precise pattern effect, it makes up for the problem of woodworking craftsmanship, while avoiding the generation of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, and the production period is greatly shortened. In the overall wardrobe, the designer only needs to design the drawings and input the desired appearance of the wardrobe into the computer to print the desired picture on the wardrobe. Moreover, it can be used for many years, and it will not fade and will not fade, scratch and moisture. At the same time, UV printers are not limited by materials, and can directly print high-precision pictures on crystals, metal plates, ceramic tiles and other materials, and can also print 3D visual effects and relief effects.

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Wardrobe manufacturers can use UV digital printing machines to change their production methods, control costs, and improve processing efficiency. And today, when more and more attention is paid to environmental protection, UV printers that use environmentally friendly inks have neither exhaust gas or sewage emissions, nor formaldehyde and other harmful substances to the human body. In production, there is no need for plate making, no pattern and color limitation, the use of a high-intelligence, high-automatic numerical control system that combines a computer and a uv printer, the computer's high-precision output, one-time molding, the style can be infinitely transformed, the operation is very simple, single person The production can be completed. You can customize and personalize printing according to your own room style.