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Digital pritner-the protection of its print head should start from these aspects

The application of the digital printer can realize the fast printing output of our advertising spray painting surface, and the piezoelectric photo machine nozzle can realize our higher printing accuracy and improve the work efficiency of advertising spray painting. At the same time, the print head is also the core component of the photo machine. In order to better use and operate the photo machine, we must not relax the protection of the print head at all times.

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In the daily use and maintenance of the piezoelectric printer, the protection of the nozzle of the piezoelectric printer should be done from the following aspects.

1. The working environment voltage consideration of the large format inkjet printer: Pay attention to the voltage of the working environment of the photo machine. The stability of the voltage directly affects the normal use of the 
machine. If the working voltage is unstable, it will easily damage the main board and print head of the power supply circuit of the photo machine. If the voltage is unstable in the working environment of your photo machine or 
there is a high-power machine operating, it is recommended that users equip the photo machine with a related power regulator. In this way, the printer can be connected with the stabilizer to realize the stable working voltage of the printer and avoid the damage of the print head due to voltage problems.

2. The daily work is completed and the nozzle maintenance is completed: the piezoelectric printer is completed, and the nozzle must be cleaned and maintained before stopping work, especially the outdoor eco-solvent printer. 
After all the printing jobs are completed every day, in order to keep the nozzles in the best working condition and avoid clogging the nozzles due to the evaporation of eco-solvent ink. First clean the moisturizing sponge with a 
special cleaning solution, then pour the cleaning solution on the sponge to soak it, move the machine head back to the cleaning station at the far right end and make the nozzle and the moisturizing sponge tightly combined, 
keep this state and let the equipment overnight . Clean the print head before use to prevent too much ink from clogging the nozzle. To develop this habit, although it is a little troublesome, but to achieve better protection and anti-blocking of the nozzle.

3. The digital printing machine should use high-quality original ink; because the ink quality will directly affect the printing fluency of the photo machine nozzle and the color of the printed image. Ink contains a variety of chemical 
components, often due to factors such as imperfect filtration, high viscosity, and insufficient moisturizing fluid. If the print head fails, it is recommended that customers use original ink, which not only achieves better color reproduction, but also better guarantees the smoothness of printing and the protection of the print head from blocking.

4. The electrostatic interference of the photo machine in the working environment, and the excessively dry working environment will directly generate a lot of static electricity, which will directly cause damage to the print 
head circuit. Or when using printing materials, especially when using plastic-based materials, such as PP and adhesive media, a large amount of static electricity will also be generated, which can damage the nozzle or cause the accumulation of impurities and cause the nozzle to block and damage.

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5. The tightness of the ink supply pipe connecting the nozzle and the ink cartridge, for example, there is air in the pipe and the ink pipe is leaking. For piezoelectric printers, the contact points between the pipe and the nozzle are often loose or the nozzle and ink are not in position to leak air, which will easily cause the nozzle to break ink, which will affect the empty ink printing of the nozzle and cause the nozzle to be easily damaged.

Based on the above-mentioned points of attention, careless operation and maintenance of the print head of the piezoelectric textile printer, especially for the high-precision and high-tech Epson series print heads, should not 
be underestimated and should be protected. In addition, there are many physical reasons that can also affect the damage of the print head. For example, due to the curling of media such as paper, the metal perforation at the bottom of the print head is scratched during the printing process, resulting in damage to the nozzles of the print head, and the ink cannot be normally ejected.