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High-quality inkjet sublimation printing ink more effectively guarantees the color quality

Printer and high-quality inkjet sublimation printing ink are the main equipment for printing output. As a large-format color inkjet printing equipment, in addition to the advantages of high-performance and high-precision printing, the choice of high-quality ink is also very important.

high-quality inkjet sublimation printing ink

What is high quality ink? First of all, high-quality ink must have the following two factors:

1. The fluency of ink

The sublimation transfer ink with good fluidity has high-quality composition and is not easy to block the print head. Long-term storage is not easy to produce precipitation or other solidification, the use of ink greatly guarantees the fluency and the smoothness of the ink supply system.

2. Reducibility of ink color

The reducibility of the ink color can be compared with the image on the display by the printed image effect. The closer it is, the better the reducibility and vividness of the ink. Why say closer, rather than exactly the same? Because when designers design images, the colors used are often described according to the colors displayed by the display, and most of the displays used by customers are either liquid crystal displays or ordinary CRTs. Liquid crystal displays have deviations in the display of colors due to their working principles, and sometimes the deviations can be large, so it is recommended not to use liquid crystal displays in general. Ordinary CRT can not achieve the same display effect on the image, unless the professional CRT monitor, and related professional settings, but the price is more expensive.

high-quality inkjet sublimation printing ink

When the color design and the inkjet printer are used for printing and output, the pigment of the ink and the reducibility of the color will tend to be different from the color cast. When manufacturers of inkjet printing equipment such as inkjet printers and printers produce equipment, they often have a process of color correction after determining the ink to be used. The color correction will generate an ICC curve for the ink, the purpose is to ensure better color reproduction. That is, the printed color is consistent with the color in the computer. Under normal circumstances, if you use the ink recommended by the manufacturer, the color reproducibility is better. If you change to another ink, the color will show a certain deviation, and some color casts are very serious.

Therefore, when choosing and purchasing water-based sublimation ink for photo machine users, it is recommended that users must purchase the original original ink provided by the photo machine manufacturer. On the one hand, they can use it with confidence to ensure the inkjet printing life of the photo machine. On the other hand, it can greatly guarantee the reproducibility of the printing color of the photo machine, and realize the color effect of the original design and the color reproducibility of the image after the actual printing.