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Dye sublimation transfer print processing-do you know the knowledge of it?

Do you know the knowledge of dye sublimation transfer print processing? The quality of chemical dyes, thermal transfer inks and some inks on the market now and the quality of various chemical elements are a threat to the human body. Some inks may even cause skin allergies and even respiratory tract Infection in the European Union countries began to ban some doping chemical elements harmful to the human body legislation, strict export textiles environmental certification examination.

dye sublimation transfer print

The plant characteristic sublimation printing ink is not only non-toxic and harmless, but also a truly green product. It has many health effects and caters to the consumer psychology of modern people returning to nature and being 

In ancient times, or the invention of synthetic dyes, only natural dyes from plants, animals or minerals could be used for textile printing. Since 1856, W. After the invention of Perkin synthetic dyes, textile dye applications with natural dyes are time-consuming and laborious instead of pre-made products available for applications at any time. Therefore, it lost its importance.

However, Germany started to ban certain azo dyes in 1996, and found that these dyes have become cancer, birth defects and allergies. Therefore, people pay attention to "environmentally friendly" heat transfer machines, special inks. The introduction of natural environmentally friendly dyes and exploring the use of these dyes in natural printing and dyeing textile industry products opens up new market opportunities. The natural textile product market is a huge market yet to be fully developed.

Plant dyes are unique Chinese herbal medicines in our country. Flowers, tea, fruits and other plants are used as raw materials. After crushing, soaking, cooking, and many other processes, pure natural plant inks are refined.Why does sublimation transfer paper appear foggy blocks or spots after heat transfer? It does not contain any chemical substances, is non-toxic and harmless, and the textiles, clothing, and heat transfer processing that use 
it for printing and dyeing will not cause any harm to human health. The production process of pure natural plant dyes has completely independent intellectual property rights. Vegetable dyes are the best new products for 
export (especially in the European Union, the United States, Japan, etc.) to earn foreign exchange. The plant ink for heat transfer machine is pure natural plant and does not contain chemical substances. It is the best new product to replace chemical ink export.

dye sublimation transfer print

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