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UV flatbed digital printer-the precautions for use and maintenance of it

At present, many users pay more attention to various precautions such as the use and maintenance of UV flatbed digital printer, so what should be paid attention to when printing?

uv flatbed digital printer

First, do not place any objects on the top of the UV flatbed printing machine, and it is forbidden to close the front cover when the printer is printing, so as to prevent dust or other debris from obstructing the movement of the printer cart. Also, do not pull out the printer cable when the power is on, which will seriously damage the printer port and the PC motherboard. You must ensure that the UV printer has a stable platform to run.

Second, if the output is not clear during printing, you can use the printer's automatic nozzle cleaning function to clean the nozzle. If it is still not clear after cleaning, please check the ink cartridge. When replacing the ink  cartridge, be sure to perform the above operation with the power on. Because after replacing the ink cartridge, the printer will charge the ink delivery system.

Third, the ink pump needs to be checked regularly. If the ink pump does not rotate or the speed does not meet the demand for ink supply, the ink supply motor will continue to run. If the ink cartridge is short of ink for a long time or the ink cartridge is in the ink supply state for a long time, it must be replaced in time.

Fourth, the printer should be hygienic when the UV inkjet printer is turned on, and the ink supply should be checked every day. When the ink is about to bottom out, the ink should be replaced in time to avoid air being drawn in the ink tube.

Fifth, control the print head to its original position when shutting down,avoiding the need to clean the print head again when it is turned on next time, which will waste a lot of ink. In addition, the nozzle will be sealed by the protective cover in its original position, so that the nozzle is not easy to be blocked, the service life of the nozzle and the machine is guaranteed, and a lot of ink supply costs and resource saving are saved.

uv flatbed digital printer

Sixth, for maintenance, please refer to the manual for real-time and correct guided operation, or consult the manufacturer for detailed questions and answers to the manufacturer’s technicians or after-sales.