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Why does sublimation transfer paper appear foggy blocks or spots after heat transfer?

Why do foggy blocks or spots appear on the sublimation transfer paper after thermal transfer? Do you know the reasons for these phenomena? Today I will help you understand.

sublimation transfer paper

1. If thermal transfer glue is used, factors such as the quality of the thermal transfer glue, the ratio of the concentration and the amount of paint will cause this phenomenon. Normal thermal transfer glue will volatilize automatically after high temperature, leaving no trace.

2. If this phenomenon is caused by the use of dye sublimation paper roll, it should be based on the actual situation. It is recommended that the transferred substrate be scrubbed with water or sent to the oven for short-
term baking to remedy it.

3. If heat transfer film is used to cause this phenomenon, it is recommended to use low-concentration acetone and other organic solvents to remedy this phenomenon.

4. There are spots or misty blocks on the surface of the transferred substrate.

5. The surface of the substrate to be transferred is not resistant to high temperature, and there is a phenomenon of sticky paper or mucous film.

6. The powder spray layer on the surface of the transferred substrate is not completely cured.

sublimation transfer paper

Regardless of whether you are using quick-drying sublimation paper or sticky sublimation paper, it must be stored well. Be careful not to put it in a damp place, but keep it in a ventilated place. At the same time, pay attention to the use date and use it up within the effective date. We have sublimation paper of different sizes and weights, such as 100gsm, 90gsm, 80gsm, 70gsm, 60gsm, 50gsm, 45gsm, 24 inch, 36 inch, 44 inch, 63 inch, 64 inch, 72 inch. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact me or leave a message below the article, I will reply you as soon as possible later.