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Can the large format inkjet photo printing machine produce stereoscopic images?

With the fierce competition in the large format inkjet photo printing machine market, many users have begun to study new prominent bottlenecks. The inkjet market of flat images has become popular, while the three-dimensional images are not yet mature. Compared with the previous flat screen production, it is a bit troublesome. So the cost and profit will be relatively higher.

large format inkjet photo printing machine

The three-dimensional image technology of the inkjet printing machine is a new attempt. The use of 3D software to produce rich three-dimensional portraits and multi-screen three-dimensional images will improve and help the current market situation. Stereoscopic images use the visual difference of the human eyes to form different viewpoint observation effects in the human brain, produce foreground and background displacement images to form a sense of space in the human brain, and then synthesize into a stereoscopic image in the human brain. It uses an opaque screen to produce a stereo effect, uses a stereo camera to take 2 photos, and synthesizes a stereo image on a computer. In some fashion stores, you can see these three-dimensional images, which also attracted many customers. You can also use a polarizer to produce a stereo image effect, when shooting an object with a stereo camera. On the two lenses of the stereo camera, two polarizers with a polarization direction of 90 degrees are applied to shoot the object, and the left view and the right view are obtained.

large format inkjet photo printing machine

You can also use the grating plate of wide format digital printer to generate a three-dimensional image. We know that in front of the haha mirror, due to the different curvature of the mirror, we see our own images differently. In addition, when light enters the water from the air, the light will be refracted. We can combine these two phenomena and use the cylindrical grating plate to produce a three-dimensional image effect.