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Inkjet sublimation transfer printing-what are the possible shortcomings of it?

The possible shortcomings of inkjet sublimation transfer printing, thermal transfer is a relatively high-tech printing process. The printed patterns are very rich and the colors are very bright. The printed products have very small color difference and are very suitable for mass production, so they have a very wide range of applications. But nothing in the world is perfect, and thermal transfer also has certain shortcomings. Today, digital thermal transfer paper will talk about it for you.

inkjet sublimation transfer printing

1. Generally, the sublimation transfer ink needs to print the picture on the transfer paper first, and then transfer it to the surface of the medium. The color on the thermal transfer will have problems such as deviation, positioning deviation, and poor firmness.

2. When the T-shirt is pressed at high temperature, the color will change accordingly, just as the white will turn yellow.

3. The use of thermal transfer requires many years of skilled technology, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee the quality.

4. When the pattern is made, the hand feel is relatively hard and the air permeability is poor. It will become softer after washing, but the air permeability is not so good.

5. If the T-shirt that is often thermally transferred is pulled, the pattern may be small cracks corresponding to the fabric fibers.

inkjet sublimation transfer printing

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