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When buying a inkjet printer, should we buy the cold air drying system ?

The cold air drying system of the inkjet printer is an optional accessory provided by the manufacturer. Its main function is to quickly dry the screen ink before entering the rewinding of the media printed by the photo machine. Avoid printing ink sticking together when the rewinding is not dry, causing damage to the picture quality. Many times when people buy a machine, they will be a little bit resistant, thinking that it is not very useful and the price is too high. In fact, they have often fallen into a buying error.

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The ink used by the digital printing machine has been continuously improved. It has the characteristics of fast drying and strong media adaptability. Relatively speaking, as long as it is in a suitable working environment, a cold air drying system is not needed, which may save some costs. If it is in a humid environment or the printing volume is particularly large and high-speed production is required, without an auxiliary drying function, it cannot be 100% guaranteed that the quality of the printed image will not be damaged, causing economic losses that will not be worth the loss. If you use other tools (such as a fan), do not deny its role for the time being. Perhaps an slogan may be used to answer: We can be more professional because of professionalism.

Therefore, as a professional digital textile printer manufacturer, it is recommended to purchase new equipment together as much as possible. Professional equipment requires professional accessories to form a perfect combination and play its due role.

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