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Roller heat transfer printing machine-do you know the advantages of it?

The roller heat transfer printing machine is one of the thermal transfer printing machinery and equipment. The roller printing machine has always been the favor of the apparel printing project. The roller printing machine has the following advantages:

roller heat transfer printing machine

1. Electrical control. High-quality digital display, temperature and time control, higher precision.

2. The blanket of rotary heat press machine uses imported raw materials, the thickness is 0.8%, the transfer effect is good, and the service life is long.

3. The main wall panel is made of 10 cm thick steel plate. Wire cutting, high precision and smaller error.

4. Pneumatic pressure/hydraulic pressure function. The transfer effect is better, the color is deeper and more vivid.

5. The blankets are automatically separated. When the power is cut off or shut down, the blanket is automatically separated from the drum, which can better protect the blanket and prolong its life.

6. Multifunctional oil temperature calender heat transfer can be used for: cutting pieces, piece of cloth (loaded) and garment.

7. Conveyor belt transmission function. After the product is transferred, it is transported to the back of the work frame through the conveyor belt, which saves labor. The up and down transportation function is optional, which is more efficient.

8. Adjust the deviation axis of each precision lathe, polished, and then plated with platinum. The error is controlled within 2 C, so that the blanket does not deviate under normal operation.

roller heat transfer printing machine

9. Using 100% seamless tube roller, precision lathe inside and outside of the roller, precision polishing outside the roller, to ensure that the temperature of each point is consistent. Optional single-layer roller and double-layer roller, the double-layer roller heating is more uniform, the transfer effect has no color difference, and the power saving is 30%-40%. The stainless steel heating tube directly heats the oil layer, and the temperature can be increased to 200 degrees within 45 minutes.