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Epson 5113 industrial printhead-do you know the efficient application of it?

Now in the market, a high-speed print head Epson 5113 industrial printhead is very popular among users, and people are very curious about the efficient application of this nozzle. Here are some knowledge points about it.

epson 5113 industrial printhead

With the rapid development of the advertising industry and advertisers’ pursuit of speed, photo machine inkjet printing technology is constantly being updated. High-precision and high-speed inkjet printing is the preferred inkjet equipment condition for users. Epson 5113 Industrial Nozzle, a high-speed printing industrial nozzle, can be described as a revolutionary impact on the inkjet printing market, and it is also very attractive to advertisers. First of all, the biggest advantage of this print head is its fast speed and fine printing effect. The speed of single print head can reach about 25 square meters per hour, and the double-head printing can reach more than 50 square meters. Such a fast speed can be described as a revolutionary increase in the speed of our photo machine printing industry. The 5113 print head series photo machine performs very well in thermal transfer and data printing. The machine performance is stable, the double print head printing speed is faster and the accuracy is high. High-speed dual-nozzle inkjet printing greatly improves inkjet production efficiency.

Epson 5113 print head, from the structure of the print head, the 5113 print head is a 1.3 inch print head, which is twice as many as the traditional DX5 and DX7 print heads, making the color value of the printed image more uniform. The width of the print head is 30% wider, which increases the color gamut of printing, and the ink can print more smoothly. The speed of the print head has been doubled compared with the past, which makes the printing speed faster and the accuracy greatly improved. However, the current 5113 print head can only use water-based ink, not oil-based ink or uv ink, which is a pity.

epson 5113 industrial printhead

The high-efficiency application of Epson 5113 industrial nozzle and other Epson printheads are an unmissable printing device for digital printing inkjet printing.