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Ribbon sublimation rotary heat press machine-the scope and characteristics of it

The ribbon sublimation rotary heat press machine adopts intelligent energy-saving technology, intelligent controller, automatic flatness repair and many other advanced technologies, so as to ensure that the equipment has the characteristics of high measurement and control accuracy, good temperature control stability, temperature balance, and simple operation.

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Application scope and characteristics of ribbon heat transfer printing machine:

1. Using a large roller of ribbon rotary heat transfer machine, fast transfer speed, frequency conversion speed motor, conductive heating, automatic feeding paper, cloth and paper and cloth delivery.

2. Oil heat conduction structure, uniform transfer color, equipped with synchronous pressing roller, mold positioning error is small, and multiple ribbons can be transferred at the same time. The oil heating device is used to generate uniform heat and strong thermal conductivity.

3. Using the most advanced control system, imported components, automatic limit, accurate and safe, long service life, microcomputer control, high accuracy, full digital display.

4. Both single piece and batch can be produced, large-diameter bearings, easy-to-wear parts heating system maintenance, good constant temperature effect, continuous transfer without color difference diameter.

Application scope of webbing printing machine:

The heat press transfer mahcine is suitable for printing all kinds of mobile lanyard, shoelace, belt , elastic, snow ribbon and labelUsage: all kinds of ribbon printing,roll to roll fabric printing,mouse pad printing,pillow printing and cloth piece garment printing etc.

ribbon sublimation rotary heat press machine

We have different sizes of digital roller heat press machines, 42*60cm, 80*120cm.... At the same time, we also have other large roller heat press machines, such as 600*1700mm, 480*1900mm, 600*1900mm.... These heat presses can be used for sublimation printing, such as sportswear, yoga wear, swimming wear and so on. And the after-sales service of our machine is guaranteed, the price is very affordable, and the quality is also very good. At present, it has been sold to Spain, India, Malaysia, Chile and other countries, and has been well received by customers. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us or leave a message below the post, we will reply you as soon as possible.