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The digital printing silk fabric-do you know how to maintain it?

Real silk is composed of sericin and digital printing silk fibroin. It has many kinds of amino acids and a large amount of protein. This kind of fabric has soft luster, fat and bright, and has good moisture absorption and breathability, which is deeply loved by consumers. In the printing industry, silk fabrics mainly use reactive printing and dyeing processes, and you can print the desired patterns and colors on the fabric according to your own ideas.

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How to maintain silk printed fabrics? Here I explain to you:

First of all: silk printed inkjet printing scarves, dresses, etc. cannot be soaked in water for a long time, it only takes five to ten minutes. Use neutral detergent when washing, not alkaline detergent or soap, washing powder and other detergents, let alone disinfection. Do not use machine washing for silk scarves and dresses. They must be hand-washed. Do not rub them too hard, as the fibers are easily damaged.

Secondly, washed scarves and dresses should not be exposed to the sun, as this will affect the color fastness of the print and the strength of the fiber. The clothes can be taken off when they are 80% dry, so that the method of drying will make the clothes soft and comfortable.

In addition: there is another tip. Printed fabrics like silk are acid and alkali resistant. When soaking, you can put a few drops of vinegar into water and soak for ten minutes before taking it out to dry, so that the color of the scarf 
and dress will be brighter.

Do not spray perfume, etc. on clothes with silk fabrics, as this will cause the color of the clothes to change and cause odors.

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