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Multifunctional roller heat press transfer machine-what are the characteristics of it?

Multifunctional roller heat press transfer machine equipment, excellent quality, comes from professional manufacturing; wins market development, and comes from the reputation of customers.

multifunctional roller heat press transfer machine

Features of multifunctional roller printing machine:

1. The blanket of rotary heat press machine is made of "DuPont" high temperature material imported from the United States, which is durable and has good transfer effect.

2. The electrical control adopts the most advanced technology, without long term cooling. The blanket and the cylinder can be completely separated   manually/electrically, without intermediate plug spacers, and have the function of power failure protection.

3. It has the function of motor forward and backward blanket.

4. The blanket and conveyor belt have automatic correction function.

5. Electronic digital constant temperature control, motor frequency conversion digital speed regulation, the accuracy is as high as (±1-2℃).

6. The roller adopts surface chrome plating technology, which has strong hardness, wear resistance, anti-sticking, and the transfer effect is very good.

7. Adopt advanced oil temperature heating technology, liquid circulation heat conduction, heat evenly, and strong thermal conductivity.

8. Peripheral fuel tank, automatic closing valve, very convenient to change heat transfer oil, high safety performance, unique advantages of explosion-proof.

9. The stainless steel heating tube directly heats the oil layer, and the heating speed is faster. It can reach more than 200 degrees in 45 minutes. The multiple processes of internal and external double grinding can save energy by 30%.

10. Use 100% seamless tube roller.

11. It is made of 10 cm thick steel plate.

12. The overall production of retractable and mainframe, accurate paper and cloth feeding balance without deviation, less floor space, labor saving, overall efficiency and high efficiency, shortening the delivery period, suitable for proofing, single and small batch printing.

13. The calender heat transfer can realize: cutting pieces, piece of cloth, ready-made clothes, different customers can meet different needs.

14. No discharge of pollutants, creating a more comfortable and healthy working environment.

multifunctional roller heat press transfer machine

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