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Sublimation transfer paper roll-do you know the three structure types of it?

In the sublimation transfer industry, sublimation transfer paper roll is also an important consumable, so are you aware of the three structural types of thermal transfer paper?

sublimation transfer paper roll

Use heat transfer ink to print various patterns on a kind of dye sublimation paper, and then transfer the patterns to the product by temperature and pressure, which is heat transfer paper. This special paper in the thermal transfer process is called thermal transfer paper. Transfer printing refers to the printing process in which dyes are transferred to fabrics via transfer paper. Based on the sublimation characteristics of some disperse dyes, the 
disperse dyes that sublimate at 150-230°C are selected and mixed with the slurry to make "color ink". According to different design pattern requirements, the "color ink" is printed on the transfer paper (this is a special paper, so 
it is called transfer paper). Then, the transfer paper printed with the pattern is in close contact with the fabric, and under the control of a certain temperature, pressure and time, it enters the interior of the fabric through diffusion to  achieve the purpose of coloring.

What are the three structural types of sublimation heat transfer paper?

1.The ink layer and the adhesive layer are formed.

2.Transparent release layer, ink layer and adhesive layer. The transparent release layer can be used as a protective film for the ink.

3. It consists of a transparent release layer, an ink layer, an adhesive layer and a hot melt adhesive powder layer.  The heat transfer paper sprinkled with hot melt adhesive powder layer transfers the finished product with the strongest friction resistance, fastness and adhesion.

sublimation transfer paper roll

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