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Digital sublimation printer-disadvantages of reforming its continuous supply system by yourself

As everyone knows, most digital sublimation printers now use continuous ink supply systems. However, the previous printers are not always equipped with a continuous supply system, so some users have changed to a continuous supply system to reduce costs. The original continuous supply system is a better ink supply method, which not only saves ink costs, but also facilitates ink replacement, etc. However, if the user privately transforms into a continuous supply system, it will not necessarily bring benefits.

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If the user changes the continuous supply system of sublimation transfer printer, if the change is not standardized, it may cause the gap or friction between parts or accessories to increase. If these situations happen, it will definitely affect the printing speed or printing accuracy, and the continuous supply system is not an integrated ink supply method. But also because of this, the inner and outer ink cartridges connected to the ink supply tube need to be carefully connected, and no dust or air can enter.

Another biggest problem is that when the dye subliamtion printg machine does not use the continuous supply system, the integrated ink supply method is used. That is, the nozzle is connected to the ink cartridge, so the nozzle must be replaced when the ink supply system is modified. Therefore, users should pay attention to some problems when transforming the ink supply method, and consult the manufacturer, and do not modify it yourself.

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