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Use direct inkjet garment roller heat transfer machine to print finished products

Whenever you come into contact with the new technology of the garment roller heat transfer machine, you need to go through a learning curve. Whether the curve is steep or not depends on the individual's adaptability and the changes in existing work habits. Anyone who is interested in the inkjet system of a direct inkjet garment roller printing machine is often tempted by the characteristic of obtaining printed products without the need to separate colors for artistic creations. However, it is precisely because it takes a long time to perform color separation tests and adjustments, in order to obtain better image effects in subsequent printing.

garment roller heat transfer machine

When gradually mastering this technology of roll to roll heat press machine and adopting appropriate steps to make document images meet the processing needs, it will become easier to use direct inkjet garment roller printing machines for creative design. The basic problem is to apply this new printing technology to the effective production method established by the processing design. The final result that can be achieved by using a direct digital inkjet garment printing machine depends on the operational steps taken to prepare for systematic and standardized design. Although there are still necessary processes to make the processed products to maintain considerable market attractiveness, production stability, product sustainability and production profits. But the risk of investing in this technology lies in whether it can save more time and equipment costs.

garment roller heat transfer machine

The best way to improve production capacity of calender heat transfer is to test and record the best production practices for subsequent adjustments and improvements in production models, thereby creating the most effective production system. Regardless of whether you are currently investing in the risky field of DTG technology, or intending to invest again in the future, the next step is to formulate a series of regulations to keep the entire drum printing machine production line controllable and stable status.