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Sublimation printing machine-what to pay attention to in post-production of it

A perfect and exquisite pattern of sublimation printing machine requires the designer's pre-conception design, post-color adjustment and printing output of the printing equipment (photograph machine) to finally output an exquisite advertisement and show it in front of people. Some people need the designer to do it specially and then print it out directly, while some people directly take the designed file and just print it with the advertising printing device. So, what should be paid attention to when designing?

sublimation printing machine

First of all, the software of inkjet sublimation transfer printer, we recommend using Macromedia FreeHand, CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator for typing and drawing, and Adobe Photoshop for image processing. These are the most commonly used software and we are relatively familiar. Second, when making the manuscript, the size of the document can be the actual size, because there is no need to make blood when outputting. When making color  adjustments, the inkjet color cannot be requested based on the screen or printed color. The same image file will have errors in the color when it is printed in different times. The chromatic aberration is generally within 10% as  normal, and the shading and basemap color settings should not be lower than 10%, so as not to show up during printing. Photos and images should be produced in CMYK mode and stored in .JPG or .TIFF format. When drawing, in order to avoid broken lines or unrepresentable conditions when printing, the fine setting of the wire frame should not be less than 0.2mm. If it is set to zoom with the image, check it to avoid irregular wire frames. Finally, I remind everyone that you should not use traditional characters when storing files. If you use CD-ROMs or other storage methods, indicate the number of prints, processing methods and other detailed information to avoid  unnecessary troubles and disputes.

sublimation printing machine

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