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Digital sublimation transfer ink-what is the special process used in it

The process effect of digital sublimation transfer ink printing is relatively good, it can automatically realize the integration of various ink printing, and can ensure the special stability of printing. What are the principles used here? We can take a look together.

digital sublimation transfer ink

The first is the sublimation printer ink fusion performance formulated according to the material, which is a special processing technique used in its application, which can better integrate the ink into the printed product by means of thermal transfer. Such a printing effect ensures that the printed product can have a stable effect. When printing, give priority to choosing such thermal transfer ink materials. In the printing process of any material, the fusion of ink and product must be considered. If good fusion cannot be achieved through absorption, printing will easily fail.

The thermal transfer ink can be used in cyclic printing with various visible materials, which also proves its good fusion, can ensure the quality of the printing work, and can also be used for repeated printing in any application to improve product printing colour. These are the printing effects achieved through the thermal transfer process mode. When printing advanced products, it is recommended that you use this ink for printing, which is characterized by unlimited printing and processing to ensure that the appropriate printing effect can be achieved. The special process used in thermal transfer ink also has the advantage of recycling. This special processing and printing method can make the color more uniformly printed on the medium, making the color of the product softer and more mature. The printing of this type of product can have such a stable effect, all relying on the special process of thermal transfer printing to ensure that the processing and printing techniques can be stable.

digital sublimation transfer ink
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